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Pearl Care

Pearl Jewellery and loose pearls should be stored separately from other Jewellery.  Protect your pearls when they are not being worn in a cotton or satin pouch to prevent scratching.

To keep your pearls lustrous be sure to avoid contact with chemicals, perfumes, body lotions and cosmetics.  Follow the “Last on, First off” rule and give your pearls a quick wipe with a damp cotton cloth before storing.  This will remove any body oils or accumulation that may build up preventing your pearls from looking their best.  This will also keep the silk from weakening with exposure to chemicals or acids that will deteriorate the silk.

It is important and strongly advised to have your Jewellery looked at once a year by a Jewellery professional.  KAVIAR® recommends having your pearls re-strung once a year.  With proof of purchase, KAVIAR® provides free stringing annually for any Tahitian or South Sea Pearl strand purchased from our boutique.

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