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Message in a Bottle

Every wave brings something new to the shores.  There is always something.  Think of the countless miles of open shoreline around the globe; untouched, possibly unseen and what may lay there, undiscovered.  Upon my return to Calgary and having to describe what has been my most recent and the last of my destinations is the most challenging of my trip.  ... Read More »

Kajeng Kliwon and Spiritual Celebrities

Ned’s bungalows are located down a dark and dingy alleyway off of Seminyak’s main road. With an overstuffed backpacker’s load and my guidebook in tow I found my lodging for the next 4 nights. The family that owned and operates Ned’s is small, Balinese and speaks broken English, but is accommodating. So much so, that my neighbour is a British ... Read More »

It Takes a Village

The Balinese people have four names.  Wayan, Made, Nyoman and Ketut.  Sometimes Wayan will choose to be called Puta, Made can also go by Kadek and Nyoman, Komang.  But Ketut is always Ketut.  If there is a fifth child it starts all over, and he or she will be Wayan or Puta.  It’s simple really, and very convenient when meeting ... Read More »

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