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All KAVIAR® pearls are hand selected at their source.  Our Pearl Professionals travel to all corners of the world to guarantee quality, the best selection and Fair Trade.

Our South Sea Pearls are selected and purchased from some of the smallest and some of the only locally owned and operated South Sea Pearl Farms throughout Indonesia.  All nucleation, harvesting and caring for the oyster’s prior and following harvest is done on-site.

Due to the rarity and lack of Pinctada Maxima oysters found in the wild today, we collect only what is permitted by government regulation and use these oysters and supplement with nursery grown oysters to produce our pearls.  Collectively, we are making an effort in replenishing this genus of oyster in the wild.  Oyster nursery’s are in full production to aid in this process.

KAVIAR® is committed to making a difference.

Pearls are a symbol of opportunity and strength.  With this in mind, we have decided to use our business to empower other small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world.  KAVIAR™ is locally owned and operated in Calgary, but deals directly with other small businesses that are locally owned and operated all over the world.

A portion of all profits from any strand of South Sea Pearls sold will be collected annually and loaned to another entrepreneur who has the dream of starting their own business.  The Entrepreneurs themselves and their businesses vary from Grocery to Café’s to Textiles. To learn more about the lending program please visit

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